Consent to the processing of personal data.

The User hereby provides and confirms his consent SUNNY VIEV LIMITED, a Company registered under the laws of Cyprus with registration number ΗΕ 421376, whose registered office is at Agias Zonis & Thessalonikis, NICOLAOU PENTADROMOS CENTER, Floor 10, Flat 1001A, BLOCK B, 3026, Limassol, Cyprus (hereinafter referred to as the Website Administration) to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of filing an application or filling out a feedback form on the website (hereinafter referred to as the website), as well as subscriptions to the news of the website in accordance with the Privacy Policy

The provision by the User of his personal data to the Website Administration is considered by it as given by the subject of personal data, or by the legal representative of the minor subject of personal data (the User), a specific, informed and conscious consent to the processing of the User's personal data by the Website Administration. The specified consent is given by the User freely, by his own will and in his own interest.
Personal data means:
· personal data that the user provides about himself when submitting an application on the website / filling out the feedback form, or in the process of using the Services;
• surname, name, contact information (telephone, email, social media accounts);
· technical information, including the Internet protocol (IP) address that was used when the user's computer was connected to the Internet, login and password, user's browser type and version, time zone, types and versions of auxiliary programs built into the browser, operating system and platform;
  • information about the user's visit, including the route of movement with full uniform resource locators (URLs) when going to the Company's website, when moving through it and when leaving it (including date and time); page response time, loading errors, duration of visits to certain pages, information about the page operation (scrolling, mouse clicks and hovering), methods used when leaving the page;
  • type of device from which the sites are accessed;
  • location;
  • information about the address (s) of the account (s) in social networks;
  • information specified by the subject of personal data in his/her own account(s) in the social network(s), except for information classified by law as a special category of personal data, as well as biometric personal data;
  • other information about the user, the collection and / or provision of which is determined by the Company for the provision of individual Services additionally, which is explicitly indicated when ordering individual Services.
Within the framework of this consent, the purposes of processing personal data are:
• submitting an application or submitting a feedback form;
• administration of the user account on the site;
• study and analysis of the market (including by monitoring actions on the site);
Responsibility for the legitimacy and reliability of the User's personal data lies solely with the person who provided them. The Website Administration does not assume any obligations to verify the personal data specified by the Users.
This consent is valid indefinitely.
This consent may be revoked at the written request of the User by sending it to the email

The user hereby confirms that he is familiar with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.