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It is common knowledge that the world faces quite a lot of global problems such as youth unemployment and food insecurity. Our goal is to grow a generation that will be able to solve these problems. What we do is educate students from schools to universities by helping them to gain soft skills and teaching them entrepreneurship to create their own startups.
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There is a background picture of African continent with one highlighted country on it which is Kenya
There is a visualization of FoodAdvice process from engaging and training volunteers to launching programs in schools and universities
There is a visualization of FoodAdvice process from engaging and training volunteers to launching programs in schools and universities
We educate teachers and volunteers of NGOs to run FoodAdvice training
Then they run training for students using our board game and teaching materials
The best student teams get invitation to our accelerator to launch food startups
— How we work
Certified FoodAdvice educational institutions and tutors get rewarded with UNYA Kenya certificates and knowledge of innovative teaching methodology based on gamification and project-based learning
There is a visualization of FoodAdvice process from engaging and training volunteers to launching programs in schools and universities
Many routine tasks will soon be automated, leading to the disappearance of many back-office jobs. People who can innovate will therefore have better chances of succeeding among their peers. We provide the unique opportunity for every student to gain 21st-century skills in a game-based context, solve the issues of food insecurity by launching their own food startups, and enhance the quality of life in their communities by creating new businesses.
— FoodAdvice programs
2 in-person training days
of 6 hours each
for educators and volunteers
This program aims to train educators to launch our Innovation Soft Skills (ISS) training to high school and university students. Our goal is to make the ISS training scalable for many students and ensure that other educators can effectively conduct the training to increase students’ engagement and results in their educational institutions. This course can be conducted in-person for a group of at least 6 teachers or volunteers with a FoodAdvice specialist.
6 months of hands-on work with best industry experts
for student teams
This program aims to help student teams to gain entrepreneurial skills and launch their own FoodTech startups together with top industry experts. The curriculum includes customer development, MVP ideation and testing, product and business strategy development, fundraising. The program lasts for 6 months starting from ISS training and finishing with Demo Day for students to work and pitch their startups to investors.
11 in-person lessons of 120 minutes each
for students 14+ years old
This program aims to help students to improve their systems thinking, communication, teamwork, pitching and creative thinking skills. FoodAdvice teachers conduct the program using a board game about the food industry called FoodAdvice, a teacher's book, and presentations for each of the program's lessons. Students also do video and quiz homework after each class.
— Collaboration options
Help us to reward tutors, print board games and pay for a LMS system to run 1 of the FoodAdvice programs in 1 public school
Provide support for the platform
Become a partner and conduct FoodAdvice programs for students at your school or university
Launch platform
Become a sponsor and make a donation to launch FoodAdvice in more schools and universities
Support platform
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