In Kenya, 14.5 million people face food insecurity and poor nutrition each year. Children are the most vulnerable to it.
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Teens are playing FoodAdvice board game about food industry at school
Our mission is to change situation with global hunger by engaging talented young people into solving local food problems. Community-led FoodAdvice programs, focusing on social entrepreneurship, innovative business development and soft skills development, enables students to have a completely free quality education with opportunity to create their own food startup.
For solving food security issues
Giving children what they deserve:
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There is a background picture of African continent with one highlighted country on it which is Kenya
There is a visualization of FoodAdvice process from engaging and training volunteers to launching programs in schools and universities
There is a visualization of FoodAdvice process from engaging and training volunteers to launching programs in schools and universities
We train teachers and volunteers of NGOs to run FoodAdvice programs
Then they run programs for students using our teaching materials
The best student teams get invitation to our program to launch food startups
— How we work
All FoodAdvice tutors who are helping us to provide free education get rewarded with certificates, new knowledge in food entrepreneurship, new skills and teaching experience
There is a visualization of FoodAdvice process from engaging and training volunteers to launching programs in schools and universities
We want to solve the problem of world hunger by making quality food available to everyone in Kenya. With the help of the platform, we want to create a balanced diet for $1 per day, as well as providing a unique opportunity for every student, from anywhere in the world, to become a co-creator and ultimately our partner by participating in our programs.
— FoodAdvice programs
18 offline sessions of 45 minutes each.
kids 10-12 years old
Goal: to develop systems thinking, creativity, communication and presentation skills, in children. The program is based on gamification and creative approach - in the classroom, participants play a FoodAdvice board game about food products creation and perform creative tasks. There is a lot of fun in the process!
Developing soft skills using the board game FoodAdvice
14 blended sessions of 45 minutes each.
teens 14-17 years old
Goal: to help teens identify professional interests and build basic knowledge of marketing. During the program, participants try on the roles of a creative designer, product analyst, designer and brand manager. Participants work on creating their own brand for innovative products for the local Kenyan market.
Fundamentals of modern branding
10 modules on LMS within 6 months.
students 17+ years old
Goal: to help students create a project based on their idea. During the program, students do market research, determine the target audience, develop the marketing concept, product packaging design and physical prototype of their product, prepare the business model and the pitch presentation of their projects for investors.
Food & beverage pre-accelerator
— Collaboration options
Help us to reward tutors, print board games and pay for a LMS system to run 1 of the FoodAdvice programs in 1 public school
Provide support for the platform
Become a partner and conduct FoodAdvice programs for students at your school or university
Launch platform
Become a sponsor and make a donation to launch FoodAdvice in more schools and universities
Support platform
FoodAdvice is a non profit educational platform for school and university students to involve them in problem-solving activities within the food area in developing countries.

In July 2022, we launched the FoodAdvice platform for secondary school students at LIS Mombasa, in which they came up with product concepts. Now they're continuing to work on their projects, and they're also teaching classes to public school students like Maweni Primary School, Nyali sub-county - Mombasa County.
— About us
FoodAdvice team from LIS Mombasa students are presenting FoodAdvice board game on the exhibition at the Sarit Centre in Nairobi
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