Project launch in Kenya

In June of 2022, we launched an online course about basics of food & beverage branding aimed at developing creativity, critical thinking, communication and presentation skills for high school students at LIS Mombasa. Pupils were divided into several groups of six each and our tutor was introduced to them and led the classes online.

They were given an introduction to the food industry and took a tour of a local Indomie noodle factory where they had the opportunity to ask questions about food production. All students were excited about the new way of studying and they gave positive feedback on our course: “Generally wish more kids around Kenya would know about this as many of them have amazing ideas that can help those less fortunate create brands that are innovative and resourceable”.

Students developed new food concepts as a result of the course: Lumio energy drinks, NomNom snacks and Divine Drinks lemonades.

You can have a quick look on the compilation of the course in the video below!