The Agro-Food Pack exhibition

LIS Mombasa students who participated in FoodAdvice program visited The Agro-Food Pack exhibition which started on 2nd and ended on 4th September 2022. Each day, the exhibitors had time from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM to showcase their products
Our team had an interactive time with the different people who came to our stand . Most of them were amazed by the idea we were presenting and really praised the idea. We mostly encountered people asking about the availability of the board game and how either them or their kids/students could participate in the course.

Most people who visited us and showed interest in our project were able to pick the flyer containing our contact information. This is a positive thing since all of the 100 flyers printed were distributed and hence, more than 100 people are now aware of FoodAdvice.
The students from LIS Mombasa, Natasha Shallo and Paziziza Makena were really delighted to be part of the exhibition. It was an eye-opener for them especially to encounter potential customers of their products. It was also an opportunity for them to market their products even before they get into the market.