Pre-accelerator launch in University of Nairobi

On January 27th, we launched our pre-acceleration program for University of Nairobi students to create FoodTech startups!
The Launch Day was officiated by Prof Julius Ogeng’o, Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Academic Affairs, and other representatives of university's administration, and was hosted at the Faculty of Agriculture, Upper Kabete Campus, with over 100 students on the exceptional chance they had to fulfill their potential and ideas by taking part in our pre-acceleration program.
There are 4 good reasons to start developing FoodTech startups with FoodAdvice:
- The food and beverage market is growing rapidly, showing growth from $6.8 trillion in 2022 to $7.2 trillion in 2023.
- Today, there are many cases of successful startups from developing countries. For example, the Indian startup Licious and the West African startup Yolélé. Together, they attracted more than $500 million in investments to develop their projects.
- Kenya accounts for 93% of total venture capital investment in East Africa. Kenyan startups attracted nearly $800 million in the first half of 2022, twice as much as they did in all of 2021.
- The FoodAdvice program is designed around the entrepreneurial experiences of food industry business leaders.

The pre-acceleration program is designed to run for 6 months and consists of:
- Forming startup teams through game-based mechanics
- Individual work with entrepreneurs and experts
- Series of lectures and workshops on basic FMCG business topics
- Demo day with investors

The best startup teams at the end of the pre-acceleration program will receive a grant of KES 100,000 and will be able to present their projects to investors in order to raise funding to launch and further develop their startups.